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A Summary of recent Projects

Farmer Environmental Group provides a summary of recent projects. The projects included range from Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Consulting & Compliance, and Oil & Gas services. We protect our client’s privacy; we only display the company name given authorization. Check back to read our current projects and feel free to contact Farmer with any questions.

Asbestos Inspection at Mall

Projects Asbestos Inspection at Mall Farmer Environmental Group inspected a clothing store in a mall located in the town of Waco, Texas for asbestos-containing building materials. The

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Phase II ESA

Projects Phase II ESA Farmer Environmental Group conducted a limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment at a proposed automotive company location in Winnetka, California. The Phase II

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Asbestos Abatement Completion

Projects Asbestos Abatement Completion Asbestos Abatement Completion: After the Farmer Environmental Group State Accredited Air Monitoring Specialist has completed a final visual inspection of the

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