Residence IAQ/Mold Inspection

Mold inspection on the ceiling of a house

March 1, 2017

Farmer conducted mold air sampling and a visual inspection for suspect microbial growth within the residence.

Air samples were collected to determine mold spore concentrations.  The air samples were collected on spore trap air filters.  These air filters are considered to be a slit impaction sampling method, which collects both viable and non-viable mold spores, as well as biological and non-biological particles.  Slit impaction sampling is capable of simultaneously determining the presence and concentration of the most common bioaerosols, and providing the simultaneous analysis of other potential contaminants including fibers, particulates, pollen, insect parts (allergen) and skin cells (allergen). The samples were collected for a five (5) minute period at a flow rate of fifteen (15) liters per minute (lpm).

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