Asbestos Abatement Completion

environmental services testing in a building

Asbestos Abatement Completion: After the Farmer Environmental Group State Accredited Air Monitoring Specialist has completed a final visual inspection of the containment, which consists of verifying that all the asbestos containing material to be impacted has been removed, there is no dust or debris left in containment and this is checked with a visual inspection of the entire containment and a wipe down tests in various areas of the containment. Once this final visual is to the cleanliness of the Air Monitoring Specialist, the abatement workers clean and remove last of the equipment needed for final visual inspection and proceed to shower out of containment. Farmer State Accredited Air Monitoring Specialist will then proceed to set, pre-calibrate air sampling equipment, set box fans and perform leaf blowing of the entire containment. Once these procedures have been completed the Air Monitoring Specialist starts collection of final air clearance samples.