Residence IAQ/Mold Inspection

Mold inspection on the ceiling of a house

Residence IAQ/Mold Inspection March 1, 2017 Farmer conducted mold air sampling and a visual inspection for suspect microbial growth within the residence. Air samples were collected to determine mold spore concentrations.  The air samples were collected on spore trap air filters.  These air filters are considered to be a slit impaction sampling method, which collects […]

Phase I ESA in Arapahoe County

Phase 1 project in Denver

Projects Phase I ESA in Arapahoe County Farmer Environmental Group, LLC conducted a Phase I ESA located in Arapahoe County, Colorado. The subject site is vacant agricultural land, approximately 154 acres. Based on the information obtained by Farmer, the subject site appeared to have been always used for agricultural purposes or undeveloped/vacant land. Farmer’s review […]

Asbestos Inspection at Mall

Asbestos Abatement Oversight on the floor of a building in Austin

Asbestos Inspection at Mall February 22, 2017 Farmer Environmental Group inspected a clothing store in a mall located in Waco, Texas for asbestos-containing building materials. The purpose of the inspection was to determine locations and quantities of asbestos-containing products at the site, determine the impact these materials will have on scheduled renovation, and assist the client in […]

Phase II ESA

Phase II ESA in Denver with worker at work

Projects Phase II ESA Farmer Environmental Group conducted a limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment at a proposed automotive company location in Winnetka, California. The Phase II ESA was conducted in response due diligence  related to the potential purchase of the subject site. Potential environmental impacts from on-site sources may be present from historical entities. Therefore, this […]

Clean-Up from Severe Flooding in Louisiana

Farmer environmental services in a Dialysis Interior Overview due to flooding

Projects Clean-Up from Severe Flooding in Louisiana After the severe flooding last week in Louisiana, Farmer Environmental Group was dispatched to the Baton Rouge area in order to assess the amount of damage that several medical offices sustained. As much as 24-48 inches of water had flooded the medical offices. Upon arrival to the Sites, […]

Thermal Investigation at Surgical Center

environmental inspection in a medical section of the hospital

Projects Thermal Investigation at Surgical Center Farmer utilized a Flir (E5) IR camera to conducted a thermal investigation of a surgical center that was impacted by a water intrusion from a busted water main.  Farmer’s use of the thermal imaging camera along with verification using a pin moisture meter allowed for the client to remove […]

Asbestos Abatement Completion

environmental services testing in a building

Projects Asbestos Abatement Completion Asbestos Abatement Completion: After the Farmer Environmental Group State Accredited Air Monitoring Specialist has completed a final visual inspection of the containment, which consists of verifying that all the asbestos containing material to be impacted has been removed, there is no dust or debris left in containment and this is checked […]

Lead & Asbestos Inspection in Houston

licensed inspector conducting a test in an old building

Projects Lead & Asbestos Inspection in Houston Farmer Environmental Group has successfully completed a lead-based paint inspection and an asbestos-containing materials survey of three buildings in Downtown Houston.  The three buildings which totaled 115,000  square feet were built from 1914 to 1950 and are planned for demolition.  The inspections included interior and exterior suspect materials. 

Asbestos Abatement Oversight

building inspection using construction vehicle

Projects Asbestos Abatement Oversight Farmer Environmental Group — Pre-demolition Abatement Project. Farmer abated the thermal piping insulation using glove bag method