Vacated Office Asbestos Assessment in Houston

October 2022

Licensed professionals from Farmer Environmental Group performed a pre-demolition asbestos assessment in Houston, Texas.

In the building that was about to be destroyed after being vacated by employees, and even with a squatter living inside of it, the team found around 125 samples of suspect materials. Asbestos Black Mastic hidden under several layers of flooring in the break room, strange-looking styrofoam insulation, and Black Mastic on pipes in the attic were tested and came back as asbestos. Mirror Mastic was discovered and, without shock, found to have asbestos within. 

Wearing PPE the entire time, the team found mysterious powders on surfaces and strong odors throughout the building. Now that the site has been assessed, it can properly be torn down and made into apartments in the Heights. 

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