Fire and Smoke Damage

Our environmental team recognizes the dangers that remain after a fire, and are equipped to ensure your team is safe.

After a fire, your building may be contaminated by char, black carbon/soot, and ash. By testing for the presence of analytes of interest, Farmer Environmental can provide vital information on the extent of the damage done by fire. These results can be used for cleaning assessments or insurance claims.

Know the Facts

  • Char is defined as a particulate larger than 1 μm that is made by incomplete combustion. Carbon is often a predominant component in char.
  • Ash is characterized by pyrolyzed material from the combustion of char. Ash is mineral-based and loaded with elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and more.
  • Soot is a submicron black powder produced as a by-product of combustion or pyrolysis. Black carbon/soot is the black material emitted from gas and diesel engines, coal-fired powerplants, and sources burning fossil fuels.


These three effects of fire and smoke damage can cause several health problems, such as respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, congenital disabilities, and more.



Farmer Environmental Group provides fire and smoke damage testing to protect you and your environment. By air sampling and surface sampling, our team tests for the residues of analytes of interest.

Surface sampling can be done through:

  • Alcohol prep wipes
  • Microvacuum
  • Bulk samples
  • Tape lifts.

We also offer air sampling in the form of:

  • PVC pre-weighted cassettes
  • Zefron CSI cassettes
  • Zefron Air-o-cells
  • MCE cassettes.

All of the above have advantages and disadvantages, but Farmer Environmental Group ensures that we will conduct sampling most beneficial to you and your building space.

Fire and Smoke Damage Projects


Emergency Abatement in Rockport

Farmer Environmental Group performed an emergency abatement in a building in Rockport, Texas, after water damage occurred from a toilet overflowing. In the picture, you can see the drying process with drilled vent holes in the wall.

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mold testing made after Hurricane Laura damage in a cinema

Hurricane Laura

Following Hurricane Laura’s aftermath, our team traveled to Lake Charles to do extensive environmental testing near Louisiana’s southwestern border.

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mold sanitation of a house in houston

Mold Found In Break-Room

Farmer Environmental Group’s Houston location received a complaint of a water leak in a commercial building break-room. Our licensed team of professionals identified a mold concern that will require remediation during our assessment.

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Asbestos Abatement Oversight on the floor of a building in Austin

Asbestos Inspection at Mall

Asbestos Inspection at Mall February 22, 2017 Farmer Environmental Group inspected a clothing store in a mall located in Waco, Texas for asbestos-containing building materials. The purpose

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environmental services testing in a building

Asbestos Abatement Completion

Projects Asbestos Abatement Completion Asbestos Abatement Completion: After the Farmer Environmental Group State Accredited Air Monitoring Specialist has completed a final visual inspection of the

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clean and tidy medical testing office


Blog LEED IAQ Survey Farmer Environmental Group has successfully completed a New Construction LEED IAQ survey of a commercial building in Central Texas. The purpose

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Helix Vessel project for Lead Inspection

Lead Inspection

Projects Lead Inspection Location: Galveston, TXProject: Lead InspectionManager(s): Andy Sanchez and Ali Berezin Farmer Environmental Group, LLC (“Farmer”) inspected the 600-foot vessel (the ‘Site’) located in Galveston,

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