30 Year Anniversary!

Farmer Environmental Group is excited to be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

We’re proud of how far this business has come in three decades, while staying firmly grounded in the foundation we were built on.

Farmer Environmental Group began with one Dallas-Fort Worth office in 1994. The firm has grown steadily to encompass seven offices with national reach. Our principals alone have 70-plus years of experience in the field and our leaders have built teams of experienced and qualified employees who make up the backbone of the firm.

Industry demands and regulations have changed countless times over the years but we constantly strive to stay up to date with requirements and industry best practices for our clients. Our decades of hard work and dedication to our field have earned Farmer respect and an admirable reputation in the realms of Environmental Consulting & Compliance, Industrial Hygiene, and in dealing with issues stemming from Oil & Gas sites. We have a proven track record of closing out projects on time, within budget, and, most importantly, incident-free.

Farmer Environmental Group is an established firm committed to providing our clients, their employees, and our team members with a safe and healthy workplace. We achieve this by delivering sound consulting that ensures regulatory compliance is maintained and our clients are left with the ability to make quality, informed decisions. 

We maintain our vision, through the decades, by encouraging our company culture and answering to our clients and our team members, not to shareholders. An essential facet of Farmer’s history and culture, this has allowed our firm to stay true to our values. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients nationwide with the top-notch service that’s become a trademark of Farmer Environmental Group.

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