Soil Testing

Lead Soil Testing

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program has developed strict guidelines regarding Lead Based Paint in Government Assisted, Section-8, and multifamily “Target” housing.  Most states have adopted these guidelines, which also include testing of lead in soil.  FEG maintains EPA and state-certified and/or licensed lead-based paint Inspectors and Risk Assessors.

Lead in soil can be a direct source of lead exposure to children if they are playing in a yard that is contaminated.  It is also a potential source of lead in interior house dust since soil can be tracked into the dwelling.  Many older dwellings have exterior lead-based paint, especially in colder climates, because the lead-based paint was more durable.

EPA and HUD only require visual examination for paint chips or debris following exterior lead-based paint abatement, however, post-abatement composite soil samples may be obtained. Prior to conducting lead clearance soil testing, a visual inspection is conducted of the abatement area for completeness of the lead removal and abatement according to HUD and EPA methods.  Once the inspector completes this inspection and is satisfied that the lead base paint materials are abated, and cleanup complete (including removal of dust, debris, and/or residues) the soil clearance monitoring is conducted.

Asbestos Soil Testing

In certain areas, the regulations regarding asbestos contamination expand beyond public buildings and actually cover the surrounding soil.  Asbestos-contaminated soil remediation projects are those where asbestos-contaminated soil is cleaned up to a specific concentration, or based on specific risk criteria, as defined in a remediation plan.  FEG has extensive experience with testing for asbestos in soil, and we understand the complexities of soil regulations.  Our services include visual inspections for grid clearances, composite soil sampling, excavation/remediation oversight and clearances, air monitoring of personnel and area sampling, and project documentation.