Indoor Air Quality Mold

Farmer Environmental Group has an experienced staff of Mold Assessment Consultants and Mold Assessment Technicians, and is licensed in the State of Texas as a Mold Assessment Company.

Farmer has developed a methodical approach when conducting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments as well as Mold Assessments.  This process ensures that we are assessing all areas of the indoor environment and that you are breathing healthy air in your home or workplace.


We start this process by conducting a visual assessment of a building’s interior.  Then, if the main concern is a mold presence, air samples will be collected in various areas of the building’s interior as well as the exterior for comparison.  If checking for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) however, Farmer will utilize either a Thermo Fisher Phocheck 5000 or a MultiRAE 3000 device, depending on client preference, to check for the presence of a number of compounds.

Lastly, Farmer will utilize an Infrared Thermography Camera to visually inspect interior building components to assess the possibility of water intrusion.  This allows for a moisture map to be created prior to the removal of any contaminated materials in a non-intrusive manner.

If a contaminate is found to exist, Farmer will assist with developing a plan to appropriately mitigate the problem.  Farmer is experienced in developing mold remediation protocols and identifying how to handle a number of VOCs.  If remediation is needed, Farmer will develop work procedures, address clearance criteria, and will provide post remediation assessment services to ensure that the airborne hazard is no longer present.