Asbestos Inspection

A naturally occurring mineral once thought to be a miracle fiber, asbestos has been utilized in everything from construction materials to hair dryers and even cigarette filters.  Asbestos, once known only for its tensile strength, chemical resistance, and flame retardant qualities, is a known carcinogen that poses a serious hazard when disturbed.

Asbestos regulations are in place to protect building occupants from exposure to this ‘miracle’ fiber.  These regulations vary from state to state and we have made it our business to understand them so that we may help protect your business.  Farmer Environmental Group strives to keep our clients in regulatory compliance and to provide sound advice that is fiscally and morally responsible.

Our Process is Second to None

Farmer Environmental Group employs a team of experienced, licensed, and accredited asbestos inspectors, management planners, project designers, and consultants with the capability to address and mitigate your asbestos-related issues.  The first step is to identify your specific needs in relation to existing regulations.  Is a comprehensive inspection necessary, or will a limited path of construction inspection suffice?  Is an inspection necessary at all? Our team of experts can help make that determination, conduct the inspection, interpret laboratory results, and make recommendations based on our findings in a concise, well-organized report.

Should it be determined that an asbestos concern is present, Farmer Environmental Group will walk you through the next phase – whether it be an Operations & Maintenance Program (designed to manage asbestos in place) or asbestos abatement.