Phase 1 Environment Site Assessment

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are prepared for real estate and business transactions such as land and building purchases, leases, business acquisitions, new residential developments, and bank loans.   Farmer’s Phase I ESA report adheres to the American Society for Testing & Materials E-1527-05 standard and complies with United States Environmental Protection Agency 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 312. This type of Phase I ESA report is required by lenders and is highly recommended prior to purchasing commercial or industrial real estate, or prior to starting new residential developments.

The main purpose of a Phase I ESA is to determine the true value of a subject property by identifying the risk of soil or groundwater contamination stemming from previous use or from neighboring sites.  Soil and groundwater contamination can impact a property’s value and can potentially result in a cleanup liability. This is not something you want to find out about after you purchase the property.

When conducting a Phase I ESA, Farmer Environmental Group performs and provides the following:

    • Inspection of subject property and surrounding areas
    • Historical review of aerial photographs, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, city directories, topographic maps, and historical building permits
    • Review of local municipal agency records/interviews, state and federal environmental database review
    • Analysis of soil, geologic and hydrogeologic conditions
    • Interviews with owners, occupants and neighboring tenants (for abandoned properties)
    • A detailed professional site plan
    • Digital photographs with descriptions
    • Inclusion of the Statement of Qualifications of assessors
    • Conclusions regarding significant environmental liabilities if any
    • Final recommendations

Farmer Environmental Group’s project team has extensive experience in conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on all types of facilities including service stations, dry cleaners, industrial properties, retail centers, auto repair facilities, agricultural properties, office buildings, and residential properties across the U.S. and Canada.  Our vast wealth of project experience provides our clients with an invaluable resource in the correct evaluation of potential issues on properties of interest.