Ground Water Monitoring

Farmer Environmental Group routinely conducts groundwater monitoring to support site investigations and corrective actions for regulatory compliance.  Groundwater monitoring may be a one-time event to assess groundwater for suspected chemicals of concern (COCs), or multiple periodic events to monitor COC concentration and distribution in affected groundwater plumes.

Highest Quality Licensed Professionals

Farmer Environmental Group employs groundwater gauging and sampling methodologies in general compliance with U.S. EPA and TCEQ publications including: EPA/540/S-95/504, and EPA SW-846.  We typically utilize low-flow sampling (LFS) groundwater purging and sampling procedures to ensure the groundwater samples are representative of the aquifer being assessed.  Groundwater is purged and sampled by peristaltic pump if possible, or by electric submersible pump or dedicated bailer.  Groundwater samples are properly preserved in laboratory-supplied containers, documented on a properly maintained chain of custody and delivered to an EPA, NELAC and state certified laboratory for analysis.

Farmer Environmental Group’s Geologist, Environmental Scientist, and Project Managers are experts at interpreting groundwater data.  With surveyed elevations, groundwater flow direction and gradient can be determined, and illustrated on maps by computer-aided design.  COC concentration and distribution can also be illustrated on maps and tables, and compared to applicable regulatory limits.  Farmer Environmental Group’s groundwater monitoring reports are deliverable in hard copy and electronic media.