Who We Are


Farmer Environmental Group, LLC (Farmer) is an established firm committed to providing our clients, their employees, and our team members with a safe and healthy workplace.  We achieve this by delivering sound consulting that ensures regulatory compliance is maintained, and our clients are left with the ability to make quality, informed decisions.  Over the past 20 years, Farmer has established a respected reputation in the realms of Environmental Consulting & Compliance, Industrial Hygiene, and with issues stemming from Oil & Gas sites.  Farmer and its team of professionals have a proven track record of closing out projects on time, within budget, and most importantly, incident free.

Keeping Current with Environmental Issues

With industry demands and regulations being ever-changing, it is our continued goal to stay on top of regulatory requirements and industry best-practices for our clients.  Furthermore, FEG is committed to being a comprehensive service provider.  With 70 years of combined experience in our principals alone, FEG has the expertise to safely and effectively manage all environmental issues a site may present.

Staying True to Values

Farmer is privately owned by Craig Farmer, Robert Alexander, and Matt Burleigh.  We answer to our clients and to our team members, not to shareholders.  This is an important facet of Farmer’s history and culture as it has allowed our firm to stay true to our values.  We look forward to serving you with the top notch service our existing clients have come to expect.

Mission Statement
Farmer Environmental Group, LLC provides practical, ethical, scientific based environmental consulting services. We are committed to a work environment where our greatest asset (our team) can develop win-win relationships, allowing all involved to experience ongoing success and personal growth

Vision Statement
An assertive commitment to the environment, our team members, our fiscal health, and our walk with God is what defines Farmer Environmental Group. This calls for a company-wide adherence to a very unique culture, and even requires that individual team members maintain this culture in their personal lives. We are a sum of all parts, and therefore each part matters deeply to all of us.