Safety Topic: NEAR MISSES!

Posted on January 26th, by Kate Farmer in Blog. Comments Off on Safety Topic: NEAR MISSES!

Seventy-five percent of all accidents are preceded by one or more near misses, according to the National Safety Council.

In other words, close calls should be wake-up calls for employees and employers to realize that something is wrong and needs to be corrected.

Employees may not realize they are expected to report near misses—no matter how trivial they may seem. Although there may not have been a serious outcome, these incidents could result in future accidents. By recognizing near misses and taking action to correct the underlying problems, employees will not only reduce the number of near misses, but more importantly, they will reduce the number of actual accidents in the future.

Defining “Near Misses”

“Near misses” can be defined as minor accidents or close calls that have the potential for property loss or injury. A near miss will prevent a task from being … Read More »