Roof Damage from Hurricane Ike

Posted on January 30th, by Kate Farmer in Projects. Comments Off on Roof Damage from Hurricane Ike

This building sustained roof damage from Hurricane Ike in 2008, causing flood damage to this portion of the building. After the roof was repaired some water restoration activities began, but were not completed. Instead, the building was closed off and remained unused for several years. Farmer was contracted to conduct a mold and asbestos survey of the Site in order to determine the best course of action for mold abatement. Farmer is currently conducting mold abatement for the Site, so that the client can once again use the offices that have been closed off for years.

Asbestos Survey conducted at Automobile Assembly Plant

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Farmer Environmental Group’s team member, John Purcell from the Carrollton office completed an asbestos survey for a local automobile assembly plant.  The plant is relocating several conveyor systems that transport the new auto bodies through the paint booths. Mr. Purcell met with a team of environmental professionals for on-site safety training. Once training was complete, Mr. Purcell collected bulk samples of suspected ACM (asbestos containing materials) around the plant and a small building set for demolition that houses several pieces of Hydrolic equipment. Once testing of the suspected ACM is complete the automobile assembly plant can make further plans for safely transporting their materials.


Mold Growth Identified

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Farmer was contracted by a local hospital authority to conduct an asbestos inspection of an entire floor scheduled for renovation. In the course of the asbestos inspection, it was observed that there was visible mold growth behind the wallpaper at certain perimeter walls. It was determined that moisture trapped behind the wallpaper on nearly all of the perimeter walls was a perfect breeding ground for mold. Farmer conducts clearance testing as a Mold Remediation Contractor completes removal of contaminated building materials in each containment area. Farmer project manager, Chris Kaseta, obtained tape lift samples to utilize as ‘clearance tests’. These samples are submitted to Moody Labs for identification of mold colonies – results determine if the contractor may turn the affected space over to the hospital or will need to re-clean the work area.