Emergency Response Asbestos Inspection

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Farmer Environmental Group completed an emergency response asbestos-containing materials survey at a commercial property in Houston, Texas.  Our Client had results within two hours and the report the same day.  Overnight the building had a pipe burst and they needed an emergency survey before they could begin renovation activities.   The inspection was critical so they could begin renovation immediately without possibly disturbing asbestos-containing building materials.

Lead & Asbestos Inspection in Houston

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Farmer Environmental Group has successfully completed a lead-based paint inspection and an asbestos-containing materials survey of three buildings in Downtown Houston.  The three buildings which totaled 115,000  square feet were built from 1914 to 1950 and are planned for demolition.  The inspections included interior and exterior suspect materials. 


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Farmer Environmental Group has successfully completed a New Construction LEED IAQ survey of a commercial building in Central Texas. The purpose of the New Construction IAQ Management Plan is to prevent indoor air quality problems resulting from the construction process in order to sustain the comfort and well-being of the building occupants and the construction workers. The IAQ testing provides verification that major contaminants are below recognized acceptable levels prior to occupancy.

Air testing under this plan is a required component of the project LEED strategy.  Air testing was used to determine concentrations of certain chemical components following the completion of new construction activities and prior to occupancy of the site. Air samples were collected to identify and document chemical component levels within the construction area and the exterior for CO comparison. The following chemical components were tested and analyzed for … Read More »