Happy Earth Day!

Posted on April 22nd, by Kate Farmer in Blog. Comments Off on Happy Earth Day!

Here are 10 Interesting Facts about our Beautiful Earth:

1. On average, the Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest of Earths major oceans.
2. The earth is not perfectly round, it is slightly flattened at the north and south pole.
3. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest living structure in the world.
4. Hawaii is moving towards Japan at the speed of 10cm a year. This is because they are on different tectonic plates.
5. Antarctica contains about 70% of Earths fresh water and 90% of its ice.
6. Seventy percent of the planet is covered in ocean but humans have only explored five percent of it.
7. Standing on the equator you would be spinning around Earth’s center at 1000 miles per hour. At the poles, however, you would be standing still (and turning in a circle)
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